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Project Description
This is a collection of Microsoft Robotics Studio services for Devantech Devices ( This is a community project designed to make it easy to use Devantech devices in robotics related projects, not an official Devantech product in itself.

Access to the devices uses a 'generic I2C' driver that currently supports Devantech's RF04 / CM02 wireless I2C adapter, the USB2I2C wired adapter and RoboticsConnection's Serializer.

Current support includes: SD21 Servo Driver, MD23 Dual Channel Motor Driver, SRF08 / SRF02 / SRF10 / SRF235 Sonar Driver, CMPS03 Compass Driver, GPIO14 Input Output Driver / SPO3 Text to Speech Driver, LCD03 Display Driver and TPA81 Heat Detector Array.

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